Subject Librarians
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Subject Librarians

The objectives of a subject librarian are to develop and foster direct and effective communication between the library and the academic department on all library services and to promote and provide reference and information services to all library patrons. Each college and/or department has a librarian who can help faculty and staff with their research needs. Please contact your subject librarian if you need any help from us.



Subject librarian

Contact Details

College of Liberal Arts

Dept. of Chinese Literature
Dept. of History
Dept. of Philosophy
Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies
Graduate Institute of Religious Studies
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature
Chinese Language Center
Master of Art in Chinese Teaching

Wang, Fang-Hao

Ext. 62403

College of Science

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Dept. of Psychology
Dept. of Computer Science
Graduate Institute of Life Science
Graduate Institute of Applied Physics
Graduate Institute of Digital Contents and Technologies

Chen, Hsiang-Ru

Ext. 67193

College of Social Sciences

Dept. of Public Finance
Dept. of Sociology
Graduate Institute of social Administration and Social Work


Ext. 50102

Dept. of Political Science
Dept. of Public Administration
Master for Eminent Public Administrators

Huang, Chi-Se

Ext. 50103

Dept. of Economics
Graduate Institute of Labor Research
Graduate Institute of Development Studies


Ext. 50101

Dept. of Land Economics
Dept. of Ethnology

Liu, Ching-Ling

Ext. 50105

International Doctor Program in Asia-Pacific Studies


Ext. 50115

College of Law

Dept. of Law
Graduate Institute of Law & Inter-discipline
Master of Law Programs for Executives

Liu, Yung-Feng

Ext. 50104

College of Commerce

Dept. of Management Information System
Dept. of Finance
Dept. of International Trade

Hung, Sheng-Chieh

Ext. 84003

Dept. of Risk Management & Insurance
Dept. of Money and Banking
Dept. of Business Administration / MBA

Chang, Hsiu-Ting

Ext. 84002

Dept. of Accounting
Dept. of Statistics
Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management

Lin, Wei-Yi

Ext. 84000


Huang, Su-Lan

Ext. 84004

College of Foreign Languages

Dept. of English
Dept. of Arabic Language & Literature
Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literature
Dept. of Japanese
Dept. of Korean Language and Culture
Dept. of Turkish Language and Culture
Graduate Institute of Linguistics
Undergraduate Program in European Languages

Chen, Ma-chun

Ext. 63201

College of Communication

Dept. of Journalism
Dept. of Advertising
Dept. of Radio & Television
International Master's Program in International Communication Studies
EMA Program in Communication

Lin, Hsi-Jei

Ext. 67152

College of International Affairs

MA Program in Strategic and International Affairs
Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies
Master's Program in Japan Studies
Chong, Han-Ching

Ext. 77301/77326

Graduate Institute of Russian Studies
MA Program in Strategic and International Affairs
Master Program in National Security and Mainland China Studies

Lou, Sheam-Mei

Ext. 77301/77338

International Master's Program in International Studies


Ext. 50101

College of Education

Dept. of Education
Graduate Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy
Master of Education in School Administratrion

Lin, Chia-Yi

Ext. 62612

Affiliated Centers

Institute of International Relations

Chen, ching-yi

Ext. 62641

Election Study Center
Center for the Third Sector
Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies
Taiwan Studies Center
Center for China Studies
Humanities Center
Center for Mind, Brain and Learning
Center for Aboriginal Studies

Sun, Feng-lian

Ext. 63201