Inter-Library Card Services
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Inter-Library Card Services

I. Objective

With the purpose of expanding reading resources of NCCU staff and students, NCCU library co-operates with other domestic libraries, provides interlibrary loan service for NCCU readers.

Ⅱ. Borrows the card

  1. Faculty, staff, students with valid NCCU library card may register an interlibrary loan card with NCCU library card at the NCCU main library 1F ciruclation desk.
  2. Readers could register one interlibrary loan card for each cooperative library. Readers are not allowed to register the same interlibrary loan card if they have not returned books to the cooperative library.
  3. You should return the interlibrary loan card to circulation desk in 3 days.
  4. Office hours for registering interlibrary loan card: 08:30-21:30.
  5. Borrower who has not returned the interlibrary loan card on time, NCCU library will suspend your borrowing rights, until you returns the card.
  6. The patron should accept responsibilities for any loss if the interlibrary loan card is lost or theft. Contact the circulation desk as soon as possible if the situation happens.
  7. Each interlibrary loan card could borrow 5 books, borrowing period is 3 weeks (or according to the rules of cooperative library). Renewing and request service is not provided.

Ⅲ. Cooperative libraries

The following shows all cooperative libraries.

Two schools, we provide return books service :
1.台大National Taiwan Univ.  2.師大 National Taiwan Normal Univ. 

Academia Sinica (4 wks )
1.民族 Institute of Ethnology 2.傅斯年史語Institute of History and Philology
3.歐美 Institute of European and American Studies
4.人社中心 Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
5.人社聯圖 Joint Library of Humanities and Social Sciences
6.近史 (Just for teacher and、graduate student) Institute of Modern History, Kuoting-Yee Library
7.文哲所 Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy

Northern Taiwan:
1.東吳 Soochow Univ. 2.輔大FU JEN Catholic Univ. 
3.銘傳 Ming Chuan Univ. 4.北商National Taipei College of Business
5.德明Takming University of Science and Technology 6.北醫 Taipei Medical Univ.
7.陽明 National Yang Ming Univ 8.台灣科大 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
9.台北科大National Taipei University of Technology 10.國北教 National Taipei University of Education
11.市立教大 Taipei Municipal University of Education 12.台北大National Taipei Univ.
13.海洋 National Taiwan Ocean Univ. 14.國防 National Defense Univ.
15.台北藝大 Taipei National University of the Arts 16.台灣藝大 National Taiwan University of the Arts
17.戲曲學院 National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
18.法鼓佛教學院 Dharma Drum Buddhist College 19.文化 Chinese Culture Univ. 20.淡江Tamkang Univ.

Southern Taiwan
1.元智Yuan Ze Univ (4wks) 2.中原 Chung Yuan Christian University Library 3.清大 National Tsing Hua Univ.
4.交大 National Chiao Tung Univ.  5.成大 National Cheng Kung Univ.
6.中央 National Central Univ. 7.中山 National Sun Yat-Sen Univ. 
8.暨南National Chi Nan Univ. 9.南台科大 Southern Taiwan Univ
10.東華National Dong Hwa Univ.   11.逢甲 Feng Chia Univ.
12.玄奘 Hsuan Chuang Univ.

WenShan District
1.世新 Shih Hsin Univ. 2.華梵 Huafan Univ.
3.景文 JinWen University of Science and Technology 4.東南 Tung Nan Institute of Technology
5.中國科大 China University of Technology

Ⅳ. Return agent services

  1. When the due is up to date, you should return items back to library on your own. If the items belong to National Taiwan University(臺灣大學), National Taiwan Norma University(臺灣師範大學), you may take advantage of our Interlibrary Return Services to return these interlibrary loan items.
  2. You should return the books to NCCU main library circulation desk before due date.
    Ⅴ. Pleasetake note of the following regulations
  1. Borrowers are bound by the borrowing rules and regulations of cooperative library.
  2. If the item is overdue, you are liable to a fine according to the rules ofcooperative library. Besides, NCCU library will suspend your borrowing rightsuntil you return the item.
  3. Please take good care of all checked-out items. If any item is damaged orlost, you will be required to abide by the regulations of the cooperativelibraries.
  4. You must abide by Copyright Law.
  5. For keeping good relationship between libraries, please be in the best discipline.

Ⅵ.Contact information

Circulation Services Desk TEL: (02)29393091# 63222