Electronic Resources
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段落標示圖案Copyright Notice
The Libraries provides access to a huge range of e-resources to support you in teaching, research and studies. Use of the e-resources is subject to copyrighrt law and the license agreements we sign with the providers. Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues or volumes, or a large portion of database is not permitted.

段落標示圖案E-Resource Systems

 ● E-Resources Gateway

  1. Databases:E-resources Gateway provides access to subscribed, trial or free databases. You may browse database lists by language, subject or data format, or search a specific database by keying the title or kewords.

  2. E-journals:You may search a specific e-journal by directly keying the title or by browsing the journal lists. To get a more exact match to the article you are searching, please type in the publication date, volume or page numbers. Some indexing databases also provides links to the gateway to search for full-text of an article.

  3. E-books:You may browse e-book collections the library subscribed by title, subject or publisher or just type in the book title in the search box.

 ● Discovery Services System

  1. All: Search for catalog, articles and NCCU digital collections.

  2. Catalog: Search for books, journals, multimedia, theses, e-books and special collections.

  3. Articles: Search for global academic articles, including journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from publishers and open-access repositories.

  4. DB Federate Search: A Federate Search is suitable for those who has no idea which database to search from. You may choose and search multiple databases at the same time to get an overview of each database's coverage. However, it would be a low-precision search. Please login with your Library ID/PW.

  5. NCCU Digital Collections: Search for the scholarly output from NCCU Institutional Repository, NCCU Thesis & Dissertations and NCCU Digital Archives.

  6. Google ScholarGoogle Scholar is a web search engine for you to search authors, preprints, peer-reviewed papers, books, abstracts and articles from universities and institutions. To show links to full text, select Settings and then Library Links. Then tick the box next to National Cheng-Chi University -Find it @NCCU and save.

段落標示圖案Off-campus Access to E-Resources

 ● To access e-resources, please login with your library ID and password wherever you are on or off campus.

 ● ID: for students: student ID#; for faculty/staff: 00 employees ID#

 ● Default Password:(1) For R.O.C patrons: first 6 characters of R.O.C. ID#, including the first English letter, for example, A12345;(2) For foreign patrons: nccummdd ;mmdd is 2-digit month and day of your birthdate, for example, nccu0520

If you are unable to access a database through E-Resources Gateway, please use SSL VPN to put your computer back on the NCCU network.