Inter-library services of NCCU and NTNU
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Inter-library services of National Chengchi University Libraries and National Taiwan Normal University Library

Request for Inter-Library Services

I. General Information

For better cooperation and convenience, libraries of National Chengchi University (referred to hereinafter as 〝NCCU〞) and National Taiwan Normal University (referred to hereinafter as 〝NTNU〞) provide seamless and exclusive inter-library borrowing services to doctoral students and full-time faculty from both Universities, which has come into effect since January 1, 2013.

II. Borrowers granted the Privileges

Full-time faculty currently employed and doctoral students currently enrolled from both Universities may be privileged to the service.

III. Application

Qualified patrons with valid library accounts from both Libraries may apply for the service. To activate the borrowing privileges, patrons must give consent to both Libraries for importing their personal files to the other Library's system. Once application granted and service initiated, patrons from both Libraries may use their valid faculty ID cards or student ID cards to borrow books and other materials from the other Library.

IV. Regulations

1. Borrowing limit: 5 items per patron

2. Loan period: 30 days

3. Renewals and holds are not allowed.

4. Items borrowed should be returned to NTNU Library before due date. Patrons may return NTNU items via Circulation Desks at NCCU Libraries (Main Library, Social Sciences Library, Commerce Library, and Communication Library) without additional charges, while the items borrowed should be brought in to NCCU Libraries three workdays ahead of the due date, and patrons still hold full responsibility for the items borrowed until they are returned to NTNU Library.

5. Patrons on suspension for temporary withdrawal, violation of NCCU Libraries policy, or other reasons are not privileged to the service.

6. Should items borrowed from NTNU Library be overdue, lost or damaged, fines or indemnities must be paid by patrons responsible for the cause to NTNU Library.

7. All library checkouts from NTNU Library must be returned upon a student's graduation or withdrawal, and upon university employee's resignation. Should fines for items overdue, lost or returned damaged be assessed, all fees must be paid.

8. Scope of loanable items: subject to the circulation policies of bot Libraries

9. For further details or information unstated, please refer to the policies, regulations and rules of both Libraries.

V. Contact

1. NCCU Libraries

(1) Tel: 02-29393091 #63222

(2) E-mail :

2. NTNU Library

(1) Tel: 02-77345237

(2) E-mail :