Regulations for Services and Administration of Digital Resources Learning Corner
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National Chengchi University Library Digital Resources Learning Corner Service and management Polices

Article 1 This policy serves as a guideline to facilitate user access to materials and facilities in the Digital Resources Learning Corner (hereafter referred to as “Corner”) for purpose of digital learning and recreation.
Open Hours

Article 2 The open hours of the Corner are as follows:
1. During the semesters:
(1) Monday, 12: 00 ~ 21 : 30
(2) Tuesday to Sunday, 8: 30 ~ 21 : 30
(3) The Corner is closed on national, university and flexible holidays.
2. The open hours during the summer and winter holidays will be separately announced.
3. Under special circumstances where the Libraries have to adjust the service hours, the arrangement will be announced in advance.
The eligibility of users

Article 3 Users with NCCU staff, student ID and library card (excluding the inter-library borrowing card) may check out / in the materials at the service counter during open hours. Audio-visual materials are not allowed to be returned to book-drop box or other branches
Borrowing of audio-visual materials

Article 4 Other regulations of borrowing audio-visual materials..
1. Public Broadcasting edition
(1) Audio Visual materials in public broadcasting edition should be used in the Corner. Only one piece of material can be borrowed at a time and returned at the same day.
(2) A full-time NCCU teacher or researcher with special educational or research needs may request for borrowing the above materials out of the library for a maximum of 3 days without renewals. Requests are accepted from Monday to Friday.
(3) Overdue fees shall be charged by the hour. The penalty is $5NT/hour and may be accumulated up to 1,000 NT.
2. Home edition
(1) Audio Visual materials in home edition labeled “borrow out only” shall only be loaned out of the library. A maximum of three items for a loan period of one week can be accessed. The access can be renewed for one time. Loan period is shortened to 4 days if the material is reserved by others.
(2) Loaned-out items should be returned to where they were checked out and should not be deposited to the drop box.
(3) Overdue fees shall be charge $30 NT per day, with no grace period. The penalty can be accumulated up to 1,000 NT.
(4) Users may hold AV materials in circulation or in process online. When the item with a hold has been returned, Corner will reserve the AV materials for up to 3 days.

Article5 The materials borrowed from the Corner shall not be copied or transcribed. The users thereof shall abide by the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law and must bear the legal responsibilities for violations of the law.
3. Numbers of items borrowed from the corner are included in the total item limit
Borrowing of audio-video equipment

Article 6 Seating for Audio-Video Access
1. The seats are provided for enjoying the programs broadcast and the audio-visual materials collected by the Libraries and not for individual study. The violators will be asked to leave immediately.
2. Only one piece of material can be accessed per session for a maximum of 2 hours. The access can be renewed if the material is not needed by others.
3. The user may put his/her name on a waiting list if all machines are being occupied. Failure to show up within 10 minutes after a seat is available to him/her would result in the access being automatically cancelled.
4. users must not relocate any audio-video equipment or device in the Corner without permission.
Matters for attention

Article7 Attention shall be paid to the following matters while using the materials and equipment in the Corner:
1. Keep the resources in good order. Prevent any material or machine from being scratched or damaged, and never dismantle or relocate any device or machine.
2. Contact the Service Counter if you are unsure how a device or machine should be operated in order to prevent damages due to inappropriate manipulations.
3. No personal audio-video materials or equipment are allowed in the Corner.
4. No food or drink is allowed in the Corner.

Article 8 Violations such as damaging/losing any audio-video materials and/or equipment due to inappropriate manipulations shall be dealt with the following:
1. Damaged or lost audio-video or other forms of digital materials: To be dealt with “NCCU Library -- Rules Governing Compensation for Damaged or Lost Library Materials.”
2. A person whose inappropriate manipulations have resulted in malfunctions or damages shall be responsible for the cost for repairs. Compensations are required for any lost materials.

Article 9 Requests for/and the access to the Discussion Room are handled in accordance with NCCU Library -- Rules Governing the Access to the Discussion Room.

Article 10 Other types of violations shall be dealt with “NCCU Library -- Rules Governing Visitor-committed Violations.”

Article 11 These Rules shall be implemented after being approved in the meetings of the Library Committee. The same shall apply to any amendments hereto.