Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Borrowing Library Material

Q: There is a book which I did not borrow in my library account.
Q: I have already returned the book, but why is the book still listed in my account?
Q: How do I use the book's attachments such as diskettes, disks, and other software?
Q: May I check out reference books?
Q: May I check out course reserve books?
Q: Why do some periodicals remain unbound?

FAQs on Recommended Materials

Q: How can I recommend books?
Q: What are my user ID and password?
Q: I would like to know how the library handles books recommended for purchase?
Q: Can I request the library to purchase books on my behalf?
Q: I would like to recommend an academic periodical or database.

FAQs on DissertationsInquiry, Access, Upload

Q: How can I use NCCU Library's collection catalogue to obtain information on hard-copy dissertations?
Q: How does one use the dissertations in the Social Sciences Materials Center?
Q: Where are doctoral dissertations located?
Q: Why are the dissertations of certain universities impossible to find or incomplete?
Q: I'm going to graduate from the University's graduate institute. Where am I supposed to submit my graduation dissertation?
Q: How can I file my graduation dissertation online and upload the full text?
Q: How do I go about searching for foreign language dissertations?

FAQs on Database Access

Q: Can I still access the databases subscribed by the University online after I graduate/retire?
Q: What settings must be changed to access the University's databases from off-campus?
Q: What is the account number and password for logging into the database? How can I acquire this information?


Q: How does one submit and verify acceptance for faculty research projects or books subsidized by public funding?
Q: Why do the University's publications need to be assigned an International Standard Book Number(ISBN)or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)? How does one apply for it?
Q: Can I transfer the ownership of books and materials to the library?
Q: I would like to donate books/materials.
Q: How I can buy a library copy card?
Q: How do I log into my library account?
Q: Why can't I read the banners on the homepage of NCCU libraries?