Library Account
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Library Account

Set Up Your Library Account

For R.O.C. patrons, the default password is the first 6 characters of R.O.C. ID Card Number, including the English letter.

For international students, the default password is "libmmdd".  "mmdd" is month and date of your birthday.

Library notices are automatically sent to your official email address. You may login to your library account to change the password or set up a delivery email.

  • Login to "My Library Record".
  • Click on "Modify Personal Information" to enter a delivery email address or change your contact information.
  • Use a comma to separate different email addresses.
  • Click "Submit".  You will receive an acknowledgment once the change has been successfully accepted.
  • You may email to asking a librarin for resetting your account information.

To Reset Your PIN
If your default PIN does not work, please click on to reset your PIN.