Renewing Books
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Renewing Books

Renewing books means extending the due date by the same length of time as you originally borrowed the item for e.g. an additional four or eight weeks.

If you return a book in person and check out the book again, the maximum number of renewal times will be recalculated.

How to renew items?

You shall extend the loan period during the second half of the loan period, which the new due date will be recalculated.

Most library materials may be renewed online.

Renewal Limits

  • Overdue items cannot be renewed.
  • Items requested by another user to be held cannot be renewed.
  • You have already renewed the items twice, the maximum number of renewal times.
  • If your record is blocked for any reason , you can't renew books before you clear your account.

Items you've renewed twice must be returned in person and can be loaned to you once again only when no one requests for that item.


The renewal period starts on the day you renew an item, not the original date the item was ue. For example, if a book was due on the 28th of October, you can renew the book after the 15th of October and the new due date would be a day after the 14th of November.