Request a Hold
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Request a Hold

If all copies of a title are on loan, you may request a hold so that the next returned copy is held for you. The priority, however, is based on the order of placing the request. After the book has been returned to the library , the library will keep the book on the "Hold" shelves for 7 days. For example, if the book was returned on 11/10(Monday), you may collect the book between 11/11(Tuesday) and 11/19(Wednesday).

How to request a book?

1.You will need to request a book when the book is still on order, when the book is in process or is checked out to another person.

2.Full-time faculty and research fellows can request a hold on 20 items at any one time. Users who may check out more than 10 items can request a hold on 10 items at any one time. Users who may check out less than 10 items can request a hold on 5 items at any one time. Inter-library card holders, however, may not request books.

3.Search the Library Catalogue to find the book you need. If the book is out of loan, click on the Request a Hold button and then login to My Library Account. Select the copy you want to reserve and click submit.

4.You will receive an email sent to your University email address informing you to collect the book once the title is available for you to check out. You can also login to My Library Account to view your requested holds. If you do not provide the Library with your email address, please check the status by your Library Account. The books will be kept on the "Hold" shelf for 7 days, after which, they are returned to the regular shelves or the library will notify the next reader who has requested that same title.

You may not request books available for circulation, returning to shelves or Library use only. You may not request a title currently on loan to yourself.