Returning Books
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Returning Books

1. Books borrowed from one library may be returned to any of the branch libraries.
You may return borrowed material to any NCCU branch library near you. When returning books, please look at the book return screen to confirm that all books have been returned and there is no late payment before leaving. It is the reader’s responsibility to understand and make inquires of the librarian concerning the reader’s library account status. Please do not leave the library in a hurry after returning library material.

2. Books may be returned outside of library service hours by depositing them at the book drop station.
If you would like to return books when the library is closed, you may return books at the book drop station located at the Main Library or any branch library. The library will handle all returns during office hours. The date of return will be the previous working day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

For example: If you return a book at the book drop station on 11/14 (Friday)at 23:30, the librarian will process your date of return as that Friday on the following Monday.

Things to Note:

Please note that it is the reader’s responsibility to remember the due date of all borrowed material. Although the library sends various notifications to remind readers of due dates, most importantly, you have to remember the due date and return all borrowed books promptly. There are many force majeure situations on the Internet resulting in the failure of emails to reach readers. Borrowers shall not use the excuse of not having received library notification for overdue books. We suggest that readers write down the due date on the card at the back of each book for easy checking. Readers may also make use of the My Library Account to learn more about his/her library account status.