Overdue Books
published by shuying on 2009-08-07 (has been browsed 34934 times)

Overdue Books

1. Checked-out library materials must be returned within the stipulated time period. For overdue materials, the library shall terminate the reader’s borrowing rights and impose a late penalty charge. Each volume (piece) of library materials shall be charged NT$5 per overdue day. This shall exclude dates for which the library is closed, Saturdays and Sundays. The grace period for overdue books is three days. A late penalty charge shall be imposed on the fourth day starting at NT$20.

2. A late penalty charge of NT$5 per overdue hour shall be imposed on each volume (item) of library materials on overnight loan until the day (hour) the materials have been returned.

3. You are not allowed to borrow books if you still have outstanding overdue books or unpaid late penalty charges. Also, you are not allowed to extend the loan period of any checked-out material or reserve books.

For example: John checked out a book which is due on 11/10. If he returns the book sometime between 11/11-11/13, the late penalty charge is waived. If he returns the book on 11/14, he has to pay a late penalty charge of NT$20. If he returns the book on 11/15, he has to pay a late penalty charge of NT$25, and so forth.