Lost Books
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Lost Books

1. Please proceed to the library immediately to carry out the compensation procedures if borrowed books are lost. Compensation shall be made before the due date. In addition, any late penalty charges must be paid.

2. Procedures:
(1) Complete form (2) Purchase the book (3) Purchase and hand the book to the library; if the book cannot be purchased, compensate by cash.

3. Compensation Principles:
(1) Compensation by materials:

    • Books〔including book series and book sets〕or periodicals shall be compensated by a new copy of the original edition. Audio-visual materials shall be compensated by legitimate public presentation edition materials; books may be compensated by the new edition or an old copy of the original edition upon agreement of the library.
    • The compensated materials must comply with the regulations of the Copyright Act and may not have marks, comments, stains, folded corners, torn pages, etc.
    • Appendices shall be compensated by the original edition. New edition materials must be compensated together with the main materials.
    • The procedures for compensation by materials shall be completed within one month for local publications and three months for foreign publications.
    • The processing fee is NT$100 for each volume (item). An additional binding fee of NT$300 shall be charged for each volume for bound volumes of periodicals.

(2) Compensation by cash:

    • For prices that can be tracked, Chinese materials shall be compensated at three times of the fixed price (the basic price shall be multiplied by 50 times to obtain the price of the materials; the fixed price of materials published in Mainland China shall be converted into New Taiwan dollars and the amount multiplied by 20 times. The minimum compensation amount is NT$2,000 for materials less than NT$2,000; foreign language materials shall be compensated by three times the actual price.
    • For prices that cannot be tracked, Chinese materials, materials published in Mainland China and foreign language materials shall be charged NT$1,000, NT$2,000 and NT$4,000, respectively, for each volume.
    • If any volume (item) of a book series or book set or audio-visual material set is lost or damaged, the original book shall be purchased for compensation. If the material is not available for sale separately, the amount of compensation shall be calculated by the price of the book series or book set or audio-visual material set; the obligator, after making the compensation, shall not keep the remaining books, or remaining volumes of book sets or audio-visual materials.

(3) Compensation of special materials: Special edition materials (including rare editions) and art painting collections shall be compensated according to the value determined on a case-by-case basis.
Regulations for Borrowing Books
Due Date and Standards for Calculating Overdue Days
Regulations for Compensating Lost and Damaged Books and Materials

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