Multimedia Services Introduction
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The audio visual materials of the Library are stored at the Main Library, Social Sciences Library, and Commerce Library.

A. Library Introduction.

  • Main Library
    1.The First floor:
    The Digital Resources Learning Corner possesses VCD, DVD, CD and multi- media materials of all subjects except commerce, sociology and science of law.
    2.The Second floor:
    The Non-Book Material Room provides video and LD media service.

  • Commerce Library
    The Commerce Library provides audio visual materials concerning the subject of commerce.

  • Social Sciences Library
    The Social Sciences Library contains multi-media materials concerning sociology and science of Law.

B. Opening Hours during Semester

Main Library Commerce Library Social Sciences Library
First Floor Second Floor
Mon. 12:00 ~ 21:30 08:30 ~ 17:00 08:00 ~ 21 : 30 08:30 ~ 21 : 30 Mon.
Tue. ~ Fri. 08:30 ~ 21:30 Tue. ~ Fri.
Sat. Close Sat.
Sun. Close Close Sun.

Note :
1. All Libraries are closed on scheduled national holidays.
2. Opening hours for summer and winter vacation would be announced separately.

C. Regulation

  • A person holding the NCCU employee ID, student ID, and library card (excluding the Interlibrary Card) may check out and/or return materials at our Service Counter during business hours.

  • No personal audio-visual materials or equipment are allowed in the library.

  • A-V materials(Public Broadcasting edition)

    1. Audio Visual materials in public broadcasting edition shall not be loaned out of the library. Readers can only watch these items in the library.

    2. A full-time NCCU teacher or researcher with special educational or research needs may request for borrowing the above materials out of the library for a maximum of 3 days without renewals. Requests are accepted from Monday to Friday.

    3. Only one piece of material can be accessed per session for a maximum of 2 hours. The access can be renewed if the material is not needed by others.

    4. A person who fails to return the loaned audio-video materials shall be charged a penalty fee by the hour and whose privilege to access the Library's collections shall be immediately suspended. The penalty is $5NT/hour and may be accumulated up to 1,000 NT.

  • A-V materials(Home edition)

    1. Audio Visual materials in home edition shall only be loaned out of the library.

    2. A maximum of three items for a loan period of one week can be accessed. Since the fourth day of the loan period, the access can be renewed once when no reservations.

    3. Loaned-out items should be returned to where they were checked out and should not be deposited to the drop box.

    4. Late returned items are charged $30 NT per day, with no grace period. The penalty can be accumulated up to 1,000 NT.

D. Form Downloading.

Audio Visual Materials Borrowing Application Form